System 2AWith bench / Without bench

The cover is housed in a bench which is installed partly behind pool and partly above the water level. Guiding wheels can be provided in order to install the above ground cover completely behind the back wall of the pool.

This above ground system guarantees the optimal use of the length of the swimming pool with a minimum of adjustments. The Stainless Steel spindle of the system is supported by two side panels. An external motor can be installed or a motor in the reel.

The suspension, the side panels, the shutter and het motor are all integrated in one bench made of tropical wood or PVC. The bench is delivered in different panels for easy maintenance of the system (e.g. removable top panel).

opbouwsysteem 2A

System 2Bremovable (manual/automated)

This type of cover is used when the pool has a special shape or rounded corners.

The customer installs an above ground system but can still enjoy the full length of the swimming pool.

When using the pool, the bench which includes the whole system, is moved away. Afterwards, the bench is moved back over the pool and the cover can be rolled out over the water level. The movement of the bench can be done manually or can be automatic.

The bench is made of tropical wood or PVC and includes the Stainless Steel suspension structure of which the top panel is removable for easy access to and maintenance of the system.

This type of above ground system can be a solution for irregular formed or oval swimming pools. In case of an oval pool, the bench is moved to the middle where the cover can be rolled out simultanously to both sides of the pool.

opbouwsysteem 2B

System 2Ccover at height

When space is lacking, a possible solution is to install the cover on a wall next to the swimming pool.

The system is integrated in the wall or in a storage attached to the wall. In this way the cover is safely put away without taking any space from the operational length of the pool.

When opting for an outside storage, the built-up system integrates motor, suspension, shutter and winding axle in an Stainless Steel construction and is finished with tropical wood or PVC.

Special attention must be made to the strength of the wall and the attachment of the winding mechanism.

opbouwsysteem 2C

System 2Dwith solar powered motor

All above ground systems can be offered with a low voltage motor connected to the electricity net or can be solar powered.

A solar powered motor works on rechargeable batteries so no extra electric wires need to be installed from the net to the motor of the system. The OASE-solar system is designed in that way that the solar panel can be turned 360┬░ so that it catches maximum sunshine.

opbouwsysteem 2D