System 1Ain the cover pit behind the pool

The pool cover is safely stored in a separate pit behind the swimming pool.

With a stainless steel suspension system and a motor in the reel, no structural adaptations need to be undertaken to the construction of the swimming pool.

On demand, a transit through the wall of the pool (with external motor) can be provided. In this case, a separate pit for the external motor must be built. The covering above the pool cover is  achieved via a timber grid.

inbouwsysteem 1A

System 1Binside the pool

With this system, a pool cover can be installed just beneath the water surface.

The stainless steel suspension provides fixation of the axle. The electronic cable for the motor in the reel is safely protected by a separate plate.

The advantage of this system is that no extra adjustments needs to be made in the wall of the swimming pool. This system is an excellent solution to provide  pre-built pools with a roll-down shutter. When installed, the operational length of the pool will be shortened by approximately 80 cm.

inbouwsysteem 1B

System 1Cin the bottom

This system can be placed at every depth and uses a transit through the wall of the swimming pool for the electric wires.

On demand, Oase offer different solutions to install the electronic cable of the motor.

When using an external motor, the wall-shaft separates the axle from the water and makes the transit watertight. With a motor in the reel, the electronic cable is guided to the technical pit. Both systems are guaranteed water proof. On demand the cables from a motor in the reel can be extended.

inbouwsysteem 1C

System 1Din cover housing

This type of cover is totally integrated in the swimming pool so that the operational length of the pool can be used optimally.

The cover can be placed on the floor of the pool, halfway or just beneath the water surface. The casing of the pool cover is then to be used as standing, sitting or resting place for the swimmers.

The bench consists of a strong stainless steel suspension system. The upper and front panel can be made in polyester or PVC. A polyester bench can have any RAL colour, a PVC bench can be finished with liner or mosaic.

inbouwsysteem 1D

System 1Ein a recess in the wall

This is an aesthetically pleasing and practical system to integrate the cover in the swimming pool by installing the cover in a recess in the wall of the pool.

The cover is then safely put away and doesn’t take any room away from the swimmers. This system is the optimal solution for swimming pools with a high water level or for swimming pools with an overflow.

In front of the pit a stainless steel suspension system is placed. The suspension is then covered with polyester or PVC panels. Depending on the width of the pool, the front panel is delivered in one or more pieces and can easily be detached. The polyester panels can be delivered in every RAL colour. PVC panels can be finished with liner or with mosaic.

Above the front panel, an opening should be planned. Against the sloping part of the pit, gliders are placed to guide easily the roll-down shutter in and out of the cover pit.

inbouwsysteem 1E

System 1Funderneath the bottom with a removable lid

Here the cover is integrated in the floor of the swimming pool. The application of this system (like type 1/E) is frequently used for pools with an overflow or for a skimmer pool with a high water level.

All systems, built by OASE, are powered by an electric outside motor or by an in-tube motor. These motors are developed to let the shutter roll in and out the pit with an adjusted speed. This control of speed guarantees a smooth covering of the swimming pool.

Additionally, motors and wall-shaft are equipped with special ‘o’ rings to stand the high pressure of the water.
The pit is covered by a floor panel made from polyester or PVC. Floor panels in polyester can be delivered in every RAL colour, those in PVC can be finished with liner or mosaic. For ease of maintenance, the floor panel is usually delivered in different parts.

The floor panel is supported by a strong stainless steel construction. In the front, this structure is equipped with special gliders to guide the shutter in and out the pit. Thanks to the stainless steel structure, it is possible for people to stand on the floor panel. With this built-in system the operational length of the pool can be utilised.

inbouwsysteem 1F

System 1Gunderneath the bottom with an automatic lid

With this system the cover is fully integrated in the floor of the swimming pool.

The floor panel automatically opens and closes when the shutter is rolled outside or inside the pit. When using the swimming pool, the floor panel tightly closes the opening of the cover pit.
Like all other built-in systems the floor panel can be delivered in polyester or PVC. There is a choice in a wide range of colours or, depending on the tiling of the swimming pool, the floor panel can be finished with mosaic.
The top-panel functions perfectly as part of the pool floor because underneath the panel a complete Stainless Steel construction is placed.

inbouwsysteem 1G

System 1Hin the middle with an automatic lid

This below ground system is the perfect solution for irregular shaped swimming pools or for very large swimming pools.

The cover is installed underneath the bottom of the pool with an automatic lid. Different zones of the swimming pool can be covered by the use of one spindle. Motor and SS spindle are adjusted to the size and the depth of the swimming pool. The stainless steel construction of the below ground system is installed with a stainless steel, polyester or PVC panel.

inbouwsysteem 1H